About Rainforest Trust

Our Partners

Rainforest Trust is proud to recognize our partner organizations across Latin America and Asia. These outstanding organizations are critical to the mission of Rainforest Trust as we could not be successful without their strong on-the-ground presence that allows for continual management of the land, community education and outreach, and economic assistance to the local people including training for positions such as reserve guards, wildlife monitors, and eco-guides. We work side-by-side with these organizations to ensure a stronger and brighter future for all species across the tropics–flora, fauna, and human.

Asociación Armonia Bolivia
Asociación Armonía is based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, eastern Bolivia. Rainforest Trust supported the creation of the Barba Azul Nature Reserve to protect the Blue-throated Macaw as well as to save the Tucuman Parrot.
 Cedia CEDIA (Center for the Development of Indigenous Amazon) Peru
CEDIA is based in Lima, Peru. Rainforest Trust supports the Amazonian Rainforest Project in Peru.
  Fundación Jocotoco Ecuador
Fundación Jocotoco is based in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Rainforest Trust supports Jocotoco with saving the El Oro Parakeet, Esmeraldas Woodstar, and Jocotoco Antpitta as well as establishing the Podocarpus-El Condor Biosphere Reserve.
 Pro Avres Fundación ProAves Colombia
Fundación ProAves is based in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Rainforest Trust works with ProAves on the saving the Cotton-top Tamarin and Golden Poison Frog, establishing the Las Tangaras Nature Reserve, Paujil Nature Reserve, and Pangan Nature Reserve as well as the Sierra de Santa Marta cloud forest.
 Fundaeco FUNDAECO Guatemala
FUNDAECO is based in Guatemala City, the country’s capital. Rainforest Trust works with FUNDAECO on expanding protection for Serra Caral.
 Guyra Paraguay Guyra Paraguay Paraguay
Guyra Paraguay is based in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. Rainforest Trust works with them to proect the San Rafael Nature Reserve.
 Hutan Hutan Malaysia
HUTAN is based in Sabah, Malaysia. Rainforest Trust works with HUTAN on the Borneo Orangutan project.
  Instituto Uiraçu Brazil
Instituto Uiraçu is based in Brazil. Rainforest Trust works with Instituto Uiraçuon to save the Atlantic Rainforest.
Reserve Ecológica de Guapi Assu (REGUA) is based in the Guapi Assu Valley near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rainforest Trust currently works with REGUA on protecting the Atlantic Rainforest. Watch Nicholas Locke, Director of REGUA, discuss the organization’s history and mission.
 Rio Pucuno Rio Pucuno Foundation Ecuador
Rio Pucuno Foundation is based in Quinto, Ecuador. Rainforest Trust currently works with Rio Pucuno to protect the Rio Pucuno area.
ICFC (138x88) ICFC Canada
The International Conservation Fund of Canada is the Canadian partner of Rainforest Trust. ICFC conserves nature in the tropics and other priority areas worldwide.
 Centre for Sustainability Centre for Sustainability Philippines 
The Centre for Sustainability is based in Puerto Princesa on Palawan Island. Rainforest Trust works with The Centre for Sustainability to protect threatened rainforest on Palawan Island.
VIF Association Vondrona Ivon’ny Fampandrosoana Madagascar
Association Vondrona Ivon’ny Fampandrosoana (VIF) is based in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Rainforest Trust works with VIF to protect endangered amphibians in Madagascar’s Ankaratra Massif.