About Rainforest Trust

Our History

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On December 8, 1988, Rainforest Trust, originally known as World Parks Endowment, was incorporated in New York State as a not-for-profit organization. In 2006, we adopted the name World Land Trust-US, which we held until September, 2013.

Immediately following our 1988 inception, Rainforest Trust started supporting major land protection initiatives, such as buying 11,000 acres (at $4 an acre!) in Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala. Rainforest Trust has never wavered from our core land protection mission in our 25 years. The diversity of projects undertaken has been outstanding, including buying and protecting several islands in the Falkland Islands, expanding key protected areas like Tortuguero National Park and Mondeverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica, establishing three major indigenous reserves in Peru, and over 500,000 acres of critical lands purchased outright for reserves across Central and South America. In total, nearly 8,000,000 acres have been saved thanks to Rainforest Trust’s support of in-country partners across Latin America.

For 25 years, Rainforest Trust has been steadfast to the mission of saving critical lands for conservation through land purchase and protected area designations.  Rainforest Trust has played a central role in the creation of 73 new protected areas in 20 countries while working with local organizations that empower indigenous people to steward their own resources. Rainforest Trust, with support from people like you, protects REAL acres in REAL places.

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