Ramón Escobar

Council Member


Ramón Escobar is an American diplomat, social impact entrepreneur, and international affairs scholar. Ramon served as Special Assistant to Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry and held diplomatic assignments in Senegal, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Iraq, Colombia, and Mexico. Ramon participated on behalf of the U.S. government in the Colombia peace negotiations with the FARC guerrilla leadership, a process that would ultimately lead to the end of that 50-year conflict. As a graduate student at Columbia University, Ramón led a research team into the Bolivian Amazon rainforest to interview hundreds of coca growers and publish lessons from more than a decade of failed alternative development projects in that region.

Between the forests and lakes of his home state of Wisconsin and the jungles and mountains of his ancestral homeland of Bolivia, Ramón formed a strong connection with and appreciation for nature. Throughout his diverse career Ramón has always linked effective environmentalism with the socioeconomic well-being of local communities. This idea of building sustainable economic development models has become a core passion for Ramón.

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