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    Last Chance to Save Rare Coastal Forest in Côte d’Ivoire

    The coastal forests and wetlands of Côte d’Ivoire are home to the Critically Endangered Hawksbill Turtle, Slender-snouted Crocodile and Western Chimpanzee.

    Help Protect Coastal Fauna

    Olive Ridley Turtle. Photo by CEM

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    Sanctuary for the Scalloped Hammerheads of Gulfo Dulce in Costa Rica

    This marine fjord off the coast of Costa Rica is critical marine habitat for endangered sharks and turtles.

    Help Protect Costa Rican Sharks

    Photo by OlasDavid.com/ Mision Tiburon

  • Donations Doubled

    Protecting the Rarest Magnolias in the Andes of Colombia

    An expansion of the Selva de Ventanas Natural Reserve will help protect endemic magnolias and orchids in Colombian cloud forest.

    Help Protect Colombian Flora

    Photo by SalvaMontes Corporation

  • Donations Doubled

    Saving Bizarre Biodiversity in the Heart of Nantu

    Expanding the Nantu Wildlife Sanctuary on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi will protect endemic species from habitat encroachment by exploitative industries.

    Help Protect Sulawesi Biodiversity


  • Donations Doubled

    Creating a Vast Conservation Corridor for the Snow Leopard

    Creating the Lumbasumba Conservation Area will connect a mosaic of protected habitat for snow leopards, pangolins, and red pandas.

    Help Protect Nepalese Wildlife


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    Securing a Missing Link in the Amazon

    Securing the Airo Pai Reserve will create a combined 7.8 million-acre tri-national corridor that will safeguard a massive swath of critical Amazon rainforest habitat across Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

    Help Protect Amazonian Wildlife

    Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

  • Protect Endangered Species

    Protecting the Last Great Forests of Northern Borneo

    Borneo’s Sabah rainforests are among the most biodiverse in the tropics and are highly threatened due to habitat destruction.

    Help Protect Malaysian Wildlife

    Photo by Chien Lee

  • Protect Endangered Species

    Safeguarding Dinagat Island

    The astounding variety of habitats makes the country a thriving hotspot for biodiversity with the highest rate of new animal species being discovered.

    Help Protect Dinagat Island

    Photo by Klaus Stiefel

  • Save Threatened Species

    Protecting Endangered Pangolins

    The moist deciduous forests of India’s North Western Ghats offer one of the most species-rich ecosystems in South Asia.

    Help Save the North Western Ghats


  • Help Save Endangered Species

    Greater Protection for Cameroon’s Atlantic Rainforest

    The coastal forests of Cameroon have recently been identified as one of the most important conservation landscapes in Central Africa.

    Help Protect Wildlife in Cameroon

    Photo by Tambako the Jaguar/Flickr

  • Sustainability Fund

    Support the Protectors

    We are helping to ensure a future for imperiled wildlife by providing forest guards with essential training and supplies.

    Help Forest Guards

    Photo by Lucia Florez/ El Taller.pe

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