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    New Refuge for Congo's Rainforest Wildlife

    Learn more about the Congo basin and watch a video celebrating rainforest conservation set to Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Julie Gold's "From A Distance"

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    Photo by Tambako the Jaguar / Flickr

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    New Haven for Himalayan Wildlife

    Rainforest Trust will create the 11,510-acre Bugun Conservation Area to permanently protect the Bugun Liocichla and the Red Panda.

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    Photo by James Eaton

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    Saving the Maleo in Sulawesi

    Sulawesi contains a mix of biodiversity, as well as many entirely unique species found nowhere else in the world.

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    Photo by WCS

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    Protecting Côte d’Ivoire’s Primates

    This biodiversity hotspot is home to nearly 785 bird species, over 320 mammals and an estimated 9,000 vascular plants.

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    Photo by Hans Hillewaert

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    Saving Sumatra's Rarest Wildlife

    Critical protection for Orangutans, Elephants and Tigers among other species.

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    Photo by Sandra Wildeman

  • Sustainability Fund

    Support the Protectors

    We are helping to ensure a future for imperiled wildlife by providing forest guards with essential training and supplies.

    Help Forest Guards

    Photo by Lucia Florez/ El Taller.pe

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