Elementary School Students From NJ Raise $700 for the Rainforest

Students take action after learning about the challenges facing the world’s rainforests.

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Job Opening: Rainforest Education and Conservation Outreach Coordinator

Rainforest Trust seeks an experienced, well-organized environmental educator and passionate conservationist to serve as the Conservation Outreach Coordinator.

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News Release: Rainforest Trust and AOL.com Team up to Save Amazon Rainforest

Rainforest Trust’s 5.9-million-acre Amazon project is featured on the AOL.com’s homepage.

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Endangered Frog Species Discovered in New Ecuadorian Reserve

An amphibian survey in Ecuador’s new Antisanilla Reserve has resulted in a new register of the San Lucas Marsupial Frog.

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New Wildlife Protection for the Atlantic Rainforest

With Rainforest Trust support, Brazilian partner REGUA is expanding its protection of the Atlantic Rainforest.

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Healing a History of Ecological Damage

Rainforest Trust’s Brazilian partner REGUA is recreating wetlands in an effort to help restore the Atlantic Rainforest.

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