Supporter Spotlight: Tapir Apps

Munich App Studio Shows Love for Tapirs

Matthias Laabs of Tapir Apps in Munich, Germany, named his business for his favorite animal: the Tapir. His company’s logo is a Malayan Tapir, which is a species of Tapir that can be found in Sumatra and other parts of Southeast Asia. Peaceful creatures, Tapirs eat various understory vegetation and fruits found on the ground. The largest threat to Endangered Malayan Tapirs is deforestation in places like Sumatra; because of land clearing, they’re losing both their source of nutrition and protection from predators.

“When I founded Tapir Apps, I chose the Tapir name… not only because those odd-toed ungulates are incredibly amazing animals, but also with their critical status [IUCN Classification] in mind,” said Matthias.

Matthias is not a first time philanthropist, as he supports a variety of organizations on a personal level. However, he wanted to be sure that his corporate donations were going to a reputable, transparent and responsible organization.

“In general I strongly prefer organizations like [Rainforest Trust] over those… who seem to have a bit too many industry-interests and support green-washing,” said Matthias.

Since 2012, Tapir Apps has been donating 10 percent of its revenue to protecting Tapir rainforest habitat. Their product, aCalendar, is a leading calendar app for Android phones. For World Tapir Day in 2016, they ran a promotional sale and donated an additional 40 percent toward protecting Tapir habitat, contributing a 50 percent donation for each purchase of the app. Through their generous donation, Rainforest Trust was able to help support a project in partnership with Yayasan Konservasi Ekosistem Hutan Sumatera (KEHUS) to create a reserve in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem in Sumatra.

“From the beginning it was clear that once I earned money with aCalendar, some of it should go into protecting Tapirs – which means protecting rainforests,” said Matthias.

In the past, Matthias and Tapir Apps were able to save over 296 acres of Indonesian rainforest for their beloved mascot. This year for World Tapir Day on Thursday, April 27, Tapir Apps ran a special sale and contributed to Airo Pai Community Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon, which is home to the South American Tapir. Tapir Apps was able to raise funds to help save 3,000 acres of Peruvian Amazon in honor of their mascot, the Tapir.

Header photo: Matthias Laabs, founder of Tapir Apps, helps protect Tapir habitat through Rainforest Trust. Photo by Axel Öland.

Rainforest Trust Receives Highest Charity Navigator Rating

Rainforest Trust was awarded Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating for the 8th year, in addition to being placed in the top-tier of nonprofit organizations across the U.S. for accountability and transparency.

Rainforest Trust has been recognized as one of the most efficient and effective nonprofit organizations in the U.S. by Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities. This is the 8th time that Rainforest Trust has received a 4-star rating (the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator), and this year the conservation organization was also awarded the maximum 100 percent overall rating. According to the Charity Navigator website, “Less than one percent of the thousands of charities rated by Charity Navigator have earned perfect scores.” Of the more than 400 environmental groups assessed, Rainforest Trust was one of only seven receiving this level of recognition for its financial health, accountability and transparency.

“We are extremely proud to have received the top rating from Charity Navigator,” said Rainforest Trust CEO Dr. Paul Salaman. “We have worked incredibly hard to meet and maintain the highest standards of accountability and transparency throughout our organization, and with this recognition, our supporters can be confident that Rainforest Trust is making the most effective and efficient use of the resources available to us to benefit our fragile planet.”

With a mission to “advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace,” Charity Navigator is a trusted and objective source often used by individuals and corporations who are looking to ensure that their donations will be used as efficiently as possible.

“Donors across the U.S. and around the world in 67 countries trust Rainforest Trust to use their contributions wisely,” said Leslie VanSant, Rainforest Trust’s Chief Philanthropy Officer. “For this reason, Rainforest Trust was also recognized by Charity Navigator as one of the top ten fastest growing nonprofits in the U.S.”

As part of its growth, Rainforest Trust has launched its SAVES Challenge, where the organization has committed to raise $50 million as a challenge match that will direct a total of $100 million to establish new protected areas to save threatened species around the world.

“Rainforest Trust is laser focused on creating new protected areas for the planet’s most imperiled animal and plant species,” said Rainforest Trust’s Chief Conservation Officer Dr. George Wallace. “To fulfill this mission we depend on the support of individuals, foundations and corporations throughout the U.S. and beyond. Our Charity Navigator rating represents our commitment to our supporters to make the most effective use of their funding for the protection of global biodiversity.”