Rainforest Trust Earns Charity Navigator’s Top Rating for Fifth Consecutive Year!

Loyal supporters like you already know Rainforest Trust adheres to good governance, is committed to accountability and transparency, and practices sound fiscal management… but it’s nice to have independent confirmation! For another consecutive year, Rainforest Trust has earned a 4-STAR RATING (out of a possible four stars) from independent nonprofit evaluator Charity Navigator.

“Only 9% of the charities we rate have received at least 3 consecutive 4-star evaluations. This exceptional designation differentiates Rainforest Trust from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust,” said Ken Berger, Charity Navigator’s CEO.

We pride ourselves on our 24-year commitment to low overhead and high effectiveness. With your help we have already protected over 7 million acres of critical lands for biodiversity conservation.

Rainforest Trust maintains a small and highly experienced staff with collectively over 80 years of field conservation experience. Charity Navigator recently highlighted Rainforest Trust as having had one of the lowest paid CEOs while maintaining the highest rating–demonstrating our dedication and commitment to rainforests conservation.

“At Rainforest Trust, we feel the most effective conservation strategy is continuing to do what we have always done best: purchasing and protecting the most threatened rainforests, saving them forever,” said Dr. Paul Salaman, Rainforest Trust CEO.

Not only has Rainforest Trust been awarded this honor for the fifth consecutive year, we significantly increased our overall score to 66.23 from our average 63-64. The maximum possible score is 70! Read more about our rating by clicking here.

When you support Rainforest Trust you save REAL rainforest acres in REAL places. Our method is simple and direct: we buy the most unique and endangered rainforests so they can be conserved forever. Your support today will have a lasting impact.

Pampas Cat Discovered at Blue-throated Macaw Reserve


Barba Azul nature reserve

Thanks to your support, Rainforest Trust supported our Bolivian partner, Asociación Armonia Bolivia, in establishing the 12,300-acre Barba Azul (Blue-throated Macaw) Nature Reserve protecting forest islands, tropical savanna, marshes, and a pristine freshwater ecosystem in northeastern Bolivia.

In November 2011 we reported the great news that researchers had documented a resurgence of wildlife in the former cattle ranch due to protection, controlling fires, and removal of 2,000 head of cattle.

For the first time, researchers picked up the presence of a Pampas Cat, adding another fantastic predator to the expanding list of mammals known to be present on the Barba Azul Nature Reserve. This elusive animal was captured using a network of digital camera traps. In the past, other big cats including Ocelot, Puma, Jaguar, and Margay have all been recorded on the reserve. The Pampas Cat occurs in a wide range of habitats such as the southwestern grasslands of South America in the countries of Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. The Pampas Cat is considered threatened due to habitat loss.

Researchers also were alerted during a forest night transect to the presence of Owl Monkeys by their distinctive alarm calls high up in the palms. The team did not see how many there were but judging from the racket, it was a large troop!

The team also caught its first glimpse of Marsh Deer, a species known to be present locally but had eluded camera traps for three years. The Marsh Deer has been reduced to small isolated populations in South America. Destruction of its habitat presents the major threat to Marsh Deer, causing it to be listed as a IUCN Vulnerable species.

These new records represent a great success for the monitoring program within the reserve and suggest that the protection and regeneration of this wonderful habitat is allowing its natural wildlife to return and flourish.

Learn more about saving the Beni Savannas of Bolivia and how Rainforest Trust is working to save this habitat and protect species, like the Blue-throated Macaw, by clicking here.

Give the Gift of Rainforest Acres this Holiday Season!

Buenaventura Reserve
Atlantic Rainforest
San Rafael

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re offering you the ultimate green gift for friends and family: an acre of rainforest saved forever.

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one?

Searching for gifts for a nature lover or someone wanting to make a difference for the planet?

Trying to find a truly unique, green holiday gift?

This holiday season please consider giving your friends and family a meaningful gift through Rainforest Trust’ Acre Apoption Program. Each $50 donated saves SIX ACRES and includes an environmentally friendly e-certificate to commemorate your gift.

Why choose Rainforest Trust?

There is nothing symbolic about our work. We purchase real acres in real places. It’s that simple. Also, our model, which is based on partnering with local people, ensures that community building occurs through education, training, and economic assistance in the form of jobs and eco-tourism. Last but not least, because we purchase intact forests, donations to our land fund also help in the fight against global warming since rainforest are the world’s best carbon sinks!

So please consider giving the gift of rainforest acres.

You can feel good knowing that by supporting our landscape-based model, you are protecting endangered species, building the capacity of local people to steward their own resources, and helping the earth stay cool by preserving land that is our best weapon against climate change!

For the 2012 holiday season, all Acre Apoption Program gifts will benefit our exciting Amazon Rainforest project in Peru, where we are working to help indigenous peoples reclaim their land rights from logging interests. Every $50 donation allows us to reclaim 6 acres of land, which will be turned into National Reserves and protected forever.

Click here to learn more about this project.

To donate in honor of your friends and family, please use our online donate page and be sure to include your recipient in the certificate section. We will then send you an environmentally friendly e-certificate, like the one below, within two days, for you to share with your loved one!

Your unique gift is tax-deductible and more important now than ever before. A perfect alternative to traditional holiday gifts, one that helps protect wildlife and critical rainforest habitat, forever.

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Christmas gift

2012 in Review

Beunaventura Reserve

Effective conservation took place across South America in 2012. From expanding the San Rafael Reserve in Paraguay to launching the new 7,076-acre Las Tangaras Reserve in the highly threatened Chocó rainforest of Colombia, Rainforest Trust has worked tirelessly to advance the protection of the most endangered species and tropical forests.

In 2012 we have helped save 162,693 acres of threatened habitat for wildlife across six countries and nine sites. We have 29 projects currently underway by Rainforest Trust thanks to your support. Together, we have made great strides in achieving permanent protection of endangered species and rainforests.

For example, our Peruvian partner, CEDIA, identified 148,410 acres of highly endangered Amazonian rainforest in eastern Peru that were unprotected and assigned to oil exploration. With indigenous community support, we provided solid documentation to the Peruvian government to justify the protection of this area. Today, we’re delighted to report that this 148,410-acre rainforest has been permanently protected and assigned to the Matsés Communal Reserve.

With your generosity, we can continue to purchase and protect unique yet endangered habitats and species forever.