Message from Prof. E.O. Wilson

Dr. E.O. Wilson
Dr. E.O. Wilson

Widely regarded as the father of sociobiology, E. O. Wilson is an American biologist, conservationist, and award-winning author. Wilson’s ground-breaking studies of ants and ant sociology have made him a leader in the field and many consider him the world’s leading authority on the subject.

Before retiring, Wilson served as the Joseph Pellegrino University Research Professor in Entomology at Harvard University and as a Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. He is a Humanist Laureate of the International Academy of Humanism and a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for general non-fiction.

Rainforest Trust is proud to have received a wonderful endorsement from the distinguished biologist and conservationist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and Harvard University Professor Emeritus Edward O. Wilson:

“Rainforest Trust has my highest respect and in my opinion deserves support for its reserve-creating projects which have exceptional merit of being based upon biological research of high quality, exact mapping, and clear statements of what support will accomplish. The program is a model of what international conservation efforts should be.”

“Support from Prof. E.O. Wilson shows how important it is to protect a whole range of species and places,” said  Dr. Paul Salaman, CEO of Rainforest Trust, “and shows us how absolutely critical it is to continue saving rainforest acres forever.”

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