Rainforest Trust Ranked One of the Top Conservation Nonprofit’s by Charity Navigator

Charity NavigatorRainforest Trust has Charity Navigator’s coveted 4-STAR RATING for being one of the most efficient conservation nonprofits in the US.

Over 97% of our budget is spent on direct conservation action–an efficiency few conservation organizations in the US can match.

At Rainforest Trust, we feel the most effective conservation strategy is continuing to do what we have always done best: buying and protecting rainforests forever.

We pride ourselves on our 23-year commitment to low overhead and high effectiveness. We are a small staff of conservationists and project coordinators committed to saving biodiversity, one rainforest at a time.

Our method is simple: we buy land to protect it–saving more of our planet’s biological riches for future generations. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff and board, combined with the on-the-ground expertise of our partners, ensures that we are accomplishing as much as we can and address the most urgent priorities, all for the best possible price.

With your help we have already protected over 2 million acres of critical lands for biodiversity conservation–at a fraction of the cost of other NGOs.

Because we are so efficient, your contribution to Rainforest Trust has an even greater impact.

World’s Smallest Orchid Discovered in Partner Reserve

The newly discovered orchid has petals so thin that they are just one cell thick and transparent.
 Cerro Candelaria Reserve is owned by our partner Fundación EcoMinga and is located in Ecuadorian Andes.
 The cream-colored orchid measures only 2.1mm from petal tip to petal tip.

A previously unknown species of orchid, the world’s smallest, has been discovered inside the Cerro Candelaria Reserve by our partner, Fundación EcoMinga, in the Andes Mountains of central Ecuador. The reserve, established by EcoMinga thanks to the support of the Rainforest Trust, protects 5,221 acres of wet cloud forest and páramo (natural high Andean grasslands) on the Amazonian slope of the Andes.

The Executive Director of Fundación EcoMinga, Dr. Lou Jost, discovered the new species among the roots of a larger orchid within the boundaries of the reserve. This tiny orchid’s flower is just 2.1 millimeters or 5/64 inch across, and its petals are only one cell thick! It is a member of the genus Platystele, which is made up mainly of miniature plants.

The Cerro Candelaria Reserve encompasses a large tract of virgin forest–stretching from the Sangay National Park towards the Amazon River Basin. It shelters a number of rare orchids, including an orchid genus found no where else on earth.

Dr Jost, one of the world’s leading orchid hunters, noted, “It’s a very exciting feeling to find a new species. People think everything has been discovered but there’s much more to be discovered.”

To date, 16 new species of orchid have been discovered in this reserve, as well as a new species of frog and a new species of tree that will be named in honor of Sir David Attenborough. Cerro Candelaria is also home to many threatened animal and bird species including the the Mountain Tapir, Spectacled Bear, Ocelot, and the White-rimmed Brush-Finch.

We thank our donors for their support in protecting this and many other threatened and biologically rich habitats like it. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

Energetix Helps Save Threatened Tropical Habitats

Hypsiboas picturatus
El Dorado Reserve

Energetix, a leader in natural remedies, has joined other supporters across the globe by protecting lands that conserve rare or endangered species and ecosystems. Energetix has purchased over 65 acres of threatened tropical forest through the Rainforest Trust to help save this high-priority land from being lost forever.

According to U.N. agricultural official, Jan Heimo, “Damage to forest ecosystems is affecting everyone in the world through climate change, water scarcity, and the loss of biological diversity.” U.N. agencies have continually pointed to the essential role that forests play in the health of the planet.

Energetix recognizes that by saving the forests, they can help protect habitat and improve the global health of the planet. By doing their part, Energetix will have a real and lasting impact on conservation, and we are grateful for their continued support of our projects.

Headquartered on a lovely and natural 50-acre estate in the North Georgia foothills, Energetix produces the finest, most potent BioEnergetic products available. The company produces a professional remedy line that caters exclusively to healthcare practitioners–including naturopaths, chiropractors, AK practitioners, EAV practitioners, acupuncturists and homeopaths, MDs, nurse practitioners, and practitioners of Chinese medicine.

Product manufacturing occurs in several remote, yet pristine locations in North America.

Since our foundation in 1988, Rainforest Trust has helped purchase and protect over 1.6 million acres of tropical forests, coral reefs, coastal steppes, and ancient woodlands. We include local people and local partner organizations in every step of the process to create long-term sustainability for our projects.