Rainforest Trust Alliance with GO Airport Express to Ride and Save Rainforests


Rainforest Trust is pleased to announce that GO Airport Express is donating proceeds from ridership to help us protect rainforests and other threatened habitats around the globe. Under the Penny-per-Passenger program, GO Airport Express, Chicago’s premier ground transportation company, will donate one cent for every individual who books a ride to or from O’Hare or Midway airports.

The company transports almost one million passengers per year, meaning approximately $10,000 will be donated annually to support Rainforest Trust’s efforts to buy and protect critical lands.

“The Penny-per-Passenger program is part of the GO Airport Express mission to broaden its green efforts,” said John McCarthy, company president.

“A shared ride is an environmentally friendly ground transportation option,” he explained. “With six people on board, a van uses only 30 percent of the fuel that six cars would use and creates 54 percent fewer carbon emissions.”

“Now, we’re even greener. The more people who ride, the more money will be generated for Rainforest Trust, funding direct action to save tropical forests,” McCarthy added.

Rainforest Trust Director Byron Swift agrees.

“The destruction of tropical rainforests accounts for 20% of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by man and is the major contributor to the loss of biodiversity on the planet,” Swift said.

“Preventing this destruction by preserving existing forest is the most efficient and effective way to mitigate climate change and preserve biodiversity, and we deeply welcome this support from GO Airport Express and its passengers.”

Founded in 1853 as the Parmelee Transportation Company, GO Airport Express currently transports more than one million passengers annually to and from Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway Airports. Its door-to-door services are offered to and from downtown Chicago, as well as most Chicago neighborhoods and its surrounding suburbs. It is also a founding member for GO Airport Shuttle, offering transportation in airports worldwide. For more information or to book transportation, click here.

1,700 Acres of Brazilian Rainforest Saved; 18,000 Acres Now Protected

Atlantic Rainforest biome
 Atlantic Rainforest
 Red-billed Curassow

Our Brazilian partner REGUA (the Guapi Assu Ecological Reserve) has successfully purchased a spectacular 1,700-acre property adjacent to the recently acquired Matumbo Gap properties. This now brings the area of Atlantic Rainforest owned and managed by the reserve to a grand total of 18,000 acres, which protects one of the last stands of tropical rainforest left in the severely deforested Atlantic Rainforest.

REGUA is home to at least 420 species of birds of which 120 are endemic to the coastal Atlantic Rainforest biome–as well as mammals such as Woolly Spider Monkey and Puma. It is part of a region that has long faced agricultural and hunting pressures and just an hour by road from the mega metropolis of Rio de Janerio–home to the 2016 Olympics.

This new area, acquired with the support of Rainforest Trust and our UK partner Rainforest Trust, fits within REGUA’s long-term strategy to create a corridor between their existing reserve to join with the International Primatology Center, located to the west of REGUA.

The reserve is actively developing a reforestation program for cleared land and also has plans to reintroduce certain key species that have vanished from the area– including include the Critically Endangered Red-billed Curassow–whose global population in the wild is thought to be under 650 individuals.